Hybrid Electric Vehicle Repair Technician - Certificate - HVR1

The Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Repair Technician TCC is designed to prepare experienced automotive technicians to service, diagnose, and repair hybrid or fully electric vehicles in a general repair shop. The program emphasizes hybrid/electrical vehicle operation and systems diagnosis and repairs. Emphasis on personal and overall shop safety with high voltage batteries will be addressed. Graduates will be able to obtain industry certification in the Hybrid/Electric Vehicle area.


First Semester

AUTT 1040Automotive Engine Performance


Second Semester

AUTT 2200EV/Hybrid Vehicles Introduction and Safety Protocols


AUTT 2205EV/Hybrid Vehicle Batteries and Powertrains


AUTT 2210EV/Hybrid Vehicle Battery and Powertrain Service


AUTT 2215EV/Hybrid Vehicle Body, Chassis, HVAC and Support Systems


Total Credit Hours: 19