Coronal Polishing Certification CY71

The Coronal Polishing technical certificate of credit prepares graduates to perform the coronal polishing procedure as prescribed by Georgia Board of Dentistry. This procedure is limited to pediatric patients up to age twelve. Additional topics will include principles of coronal polishing including, but not limited to: armamentarium; proper clinician positioning and ergonomics, preferred polishing technique using a stable fulcrum, abrasive polishing agents commonly used in coronal polishing using a slow speed hand piece, indications for professionally applied topical fluoride agents for caries prevention and fluoride delivery methods. Students applying for this program must be accepted into the Dental Assisting diploma program.


Requirements List

DENA 1030Preventive Dentistry


DENA 1340Dental Assisting I: General Chairside


DENA 1350Dental Assisting II: Dental Specialties and EFDA Skills


SEMN 1000First Semester Seminar


Total Credit Hours:14

Total Credit Hours: 14