Division of General Studies

General Studies

General Education Core Courses

The Division of General Studies (in accordance with TCSG policy IV. H.) assesses student performance in all academic programs across four core areas of academic discipline: Language Arts/Communication, Natural Sciences/Mathematics, Humanities/Fine Arts, and Social/Behavioral Sciences. For Associate of Applied Science Degrees a minimum of 3 Semester Credit Hours are required within each core area for a total minimum of 15 semester credit hours in the core academic disciplines. For Associate of Science Degrees a minimum of 30 semester credit hours of collegiate-level coursework is required with at least one course in each of the core academic disciplines. For Diploma Programs a minimum of 8 semester credit hours in general education is required. For Technical Certificate of Credit Programs any combination of general education and occupational is allowed. In conforming to TCSG state program standards, some programs at Columbus Technical College require additional general education courses which are not considered general education core courses. (See General Education Core Chart Below).