Radiology/EFDA Certification Dental Assiting Certificate EF71

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The Radiology/EFDA Certification – Advanced Dental Assisting technical certificate of credit program provides opportunities which introduce, develop, and reinforce a variety of advanced dental assisting duties skills expanded duties as required by the Georgia Board of Dentistry, radiology procedures dental practice and office management skills. Graduates of this program receive an advanced dental assisting certificate, an expanded duties certificate, and a radiology certificate. Students applying for this program must be accepted into the Dental Assisting diploma program.

Degree Requirements

Requirements List

SEMN 1000First Semester Seminar


DENA 1350Dental Assisting II: Dental Specialties and EFDA Skills


DENA 1390Dental Radiology


DENA 1480Dental Practicum III


Total Credit Hours: 16