Student Records

In compliance with the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), Columbus Technical College herein lists the locations of all files maintained by the College that contain personally identifiable information and that fall within the purview of the FERPA regulations. Students wishing to examine any or all of their records may do so within the guidelines set forth by the Privacy Act and described in the Columbus Technical College Policy Manual ’s, Policy V.J. Student Records, "Student Access to Records." Items (1) and (2) below are maintained for programs. Items (3) through (5) represent additional files that may exist.


  2. The Registrar’s Office staff maintains these records. These records contain the following: application for admission, high school/GED transcript, transcripts from other postsecondary institutions, military school transcripts, advanced placement report, student’s acceptance letter, withdrawal form, and general correspondence. The staff maintains these files for five years and then destroys them. Copies of documents in any students’ files may not be obtained to forward to other institutions or agencies in lieu of requesting official copies of the documents from the original source. Students have the right to access their own files.

  4. The Registrar’s Office maintains permanent academic records. Students may request hard copies through the Registrar’s Office by submitting a Transcript Request Form. A transcript represents the complete academic record held by the College. These files are permanent records that are maintained indefinitely.

  6. The Financial Aid Office, located in the Hartline Building, maintains financial aid records. Students have the right to access their own financial aid files with the exception of a parent’s or a guardian’s financial statement.

  8. The Veterans Affairs Office, located in the Hartline Building, maintains records pertaining to the application for veterans’ benefits. Students have the right to access these files.

  10. Supplemental records are located in appropriate offices of the College. The existence of these files, in addition to any noted above, would be contingent upon students’ requesting and/or requiring assistance from the appropriate office.

For assistance, students may contact the Registrar's Office at 706-649-1858, Hartline Building Room 151D, or via email at