No Show for Class Procedure

Students who are registered for any course, regardless of delivery method: lecture, hybrid, or online are required to participate in the official Learning Management System (Blackboard) and complete assignments during the first ten (10) days of the term.  Any student who does not complete the assignment will be reported as a “no show” through the electronic No Show procedure. Once reported as a “no show,” the student will be removed from the faculty’s Banner Web class roster and will be unable to participate in class for the remainder of the term. To avoid being reported as a “no show,” students must log into Blackboard and complete the participation assignment designated by the instructor, or participate in at least one class meeting during the first ten (10) calendar days of the term.

Academic submissions, not course login, verify a student’s presence and participation. The date of the last academic submission will serve as the last date of attendance for students who withdraw from a course or complete the course with an F.