State Residency Policy

The Technical College System of Georgia has adopted a residency policy that defines who is or is not a legal resident of Georgia for purposes of fee payment. Legal residency also affects student eligibility for certain state-sponsored financial aid. The Office of Admissions maintains a complete copy of the Columbus Technical College residency policy. All students applying for in-state tuition must provide validation of lawful presence in the United States.

The procedures for ascertaining residency status are as follows:

  1. When applying for admission, individuals must indicate whether or not they are legal residents of the state of Georgia and if so, for what period of time.
  2. When a question arises concerning legal residence, proof of intent to remain in Georgia indefinitely must be reviewed with each case being considered unique and evaluated accordingly.
  3. Proof of intent to remain in Georgia indefinitely can be documented by a review of factors such as driver’s license, voter-registration card, and automobile registration.
  4. Change-in-residency status for fee purposes is not automatic. Students who wish to qualify for another type of residency must complete a Petition for Change of Residency Classification found on the college web site or the Office of Admissions. The form and all required documentation should be submitted to the Office of Admissions prior to the second week of the semester in order for students to be considered for reclassification for that semester. If the petition is granted, reclassification will not be retroactive to prior semesters. Information about necessary documentation to support a petition for reclassification is available in the Admissions Office.