Student Fundamentals

Columbus Technical College Single Sign on Portal (SSO)

The student portal is designed to be a simpler way to manage you various usernames and password that you will need in order to complete your educational journey while at Columbus Technical College (CTC). This portal will be growing and will be a major source of important information in the near future, as well as a fun and exciting way to connect to your peers on campus.

To use the portal, you will need your CTC computer account login information (username and password) and that is all after your first complete successful portal login.

When you are on the portal page ( and ready to login, type your CTC computer account login information into the username field (first, middle and last initials and the last four numbers of your student ID) and put in your established password in the password field.

Example, the CTC student Joe Michael Snuffy with the student id of 910145789 would have a username of jms5789 and this would be used in the Login box of the portal.

This student would now use their established password in the Password box. IF this is the FIRST time he/she has logged into ANY CTC resource (portal or computer) their password will be their six (6) digit birthday in the format of MMDDYY. For Instance, Joe Michael Snuffy was born on December 14, 1977 and his initial password would be 121477 using the MMDDYY format.

You should now be in the portal ready to begin logging into your desired application used for your classwork.


From the Apps on the home page of the portal, select the Blackboard Link and you will be redirected or taken to the Blackboard login page. Your initial user name will be 28_ plus your 9-digit student ID number. We will use Joe Michael Snuffy for this example, too. His Blackboard user name would be 28_910145789. For the first login, you should select "Forgot Password" and follow the steps to set your password.

Banner Web:

Once you have successfully logged into the portal, if you click on the Banner SSB link on the left you will be directed to Banner Web. Your Banner Web user name is your 9-digit student ID number. Your initial Banner Web password is your six-digit date-of-birth in the mmddyy format.

From this page, you can click the Student Services & Financial Aid link to handle your Banner business such as look up and register for class, check you Financial Aid or anything else you normally would do outside the portal. You may also choose the Personal Information link to view and change certain parts of your personal information as you normally would do.

Student email or Gmail application:

When signed into the student portal, you only need to click on the Gmail button to access your student email account. You can only access your student email from the student portal; important college related information will be sent to your Gmail account so please be sure to check it often.

If you have any trouble with any part of the portal please feel free to contact the CLICK Lab at 706-641-5020. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during the implementation of this new service as it will continue to grow and serve you better. You can also use the Feedback option and give us your suggestion of how we can improve this portal to better serve you and your needs while at Columbus Technical College.

Please remember to close each of your applications as you finish with them. This is your personal information and it is your responsibility to protect this information just as you would any other personal information!

We have included a 45 minute timeout in each of the application for your convenience and safety but again it is YOUR responsibility to protect YOUR information.