Regional Service to Business, Industry, and Community

The responsibility of the Economic Development Department is to help grow and develop the regional workforce. Employees in Columbus, whether they know it or not, are in competition with employees from around the world, and the only way they can compete is to be better educated and more highly skilled. The skills necessary to compete, now more than ever, require technical education.

Critical to growing the local economy is providing both local companies and companies looking to relocate with a source for upgrading workers’ skills. The Economic Development Department achieves this goal by maintaining constant contact with leaders of business and industry to ensure that job training is continuously adapted to the ever-changing needs of area businesses, enabling those businesses to remain competitive and demonstrating to companies considering Columbus for relocation that the institution can meet their specific training needs.

Columbus Technical College looks to grow the economy by partnering not only with business and industry but also with the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the Local Development Authority, the Georgia Department of Labor, and Georgia’s Quick-Start Program.

We are committed to providing quality workforce training to local employers. A key element in supporting local employers and in providing employees with the necessary skills has been the College’s success in engaging Georgia’s internationally renowned Quick-Start Program to assist new and expanding industry. Quick-Start identifies, develops, and delivers performance-based training, realistic job simulations, and performance-assessment programs to equip workers with the knowledge base, technical skills, and interpersonal effectiveness attributes necessary to allow companies to achieve their productivity and quality goals using the shortest learning curve possible.