Certified Manufacturing Specialist

To remain competitive, manufacturers need employees who are trained to industry standards in manufacturing principles and techniques. Those seeking employment need to demonstrate they are proficient enough to become quality, productive hires. To meet area workforce needs specific to the manufacturing industry, the Workforce Training & Development Center provides a wide variety of courses from an overview of manufacturing organizations to manufacturing as seen by a specific company, the roles of quality and productivity in manufacturing, basic manufacturing skills, and how to fit into an organization’s interpersonal environment.

The Program Instructors provide local industry with customized manufacturing and maintenance training, in addition to offering the Certified Manufacturing Specialist Program, where students receive 160 hours of training in skills required by all manufacturers for entry-level positions.

The Center staff is are also committed to safety in the workplace, offering OSHA-sanctioned safety classes for the workplace and general industry along with modular workplace safety classes ranging from Accident Investigation and Injury Prevention to working safely with machinery and correctly using protective equipment through training others with proper safety training.

The Community Health and Safety Training Center staff will take their expertise to the workplace, performing safety inspections and OSHA-readiness assessments and inspections. If it can be done more safely, we can show you how.