Motor-Vehicle Regulations

All motor vehicles parked on the Columbus Technical College Campus must be registered and must display a current parking decal/permit.

Each registered student receives one free Parking Decal. Students shall obtain parking decals from the Campus Police Department. All students must obtain a new decal at the beginning of each fall semester or when entering school. The Replacement Parking Decal Fee is $20. Decals expire August 31st each year.

Temporary parking permits for unregistered vehicles are available from the Police Department in the Wright Health Sciences Building and the Police Department Office in Carl Patrick Hall. Special parking permits are available at no charge for visitors and short-term classes of less than one semester’s duration.

Students may park in designated areas ONLY and must park vehicles—including motorcycles and scooters—between the painted lines and headed into the space. Students driving a registered or unregistered vehicle should not use visitors’ spaces. Parking for individuals with disabilities is appropriately marked for the HANDICAPPED ONLY. Students must display handicapped parking permits in the vehicle when parked in the handicapped parking spaces. Students may not use the handicapped permit of any other person. Police Department will make regular checks to ascertain that those in the handicapped spaces are in compliance. Using a handicapped placard not issued to you will result in a fine up to $500.00.

Students may not park on the grass outside the designated areas, on campus roads or drives, or in striped areas adjacent to handicapped spaces. They should park bicycles in the racks provided at various locations. Students may not carry bikes inside buildings, lean them against buildings or trees, or chain them to poles, fences, or buildings.

Campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour. Pedestrians have the right of way at all times. Vehicles left unattended and blocking traffic or creating any safety hazard may be towed from the campus at students’ or owners’ expense. Motor-vehicle-regulation violations (no valid decal, blocking driveway, parking in restricted or unauthorized areas, exceeding the campus speed limit, etc.) may result in a ticket carrying a fine of $10. A first-offense fine for parking in a handicapped parking space is $25. Second- and third-offense fines are $50 and $100 respectively. The student parking the vehicle on campus is responsible for all motor-vehicle violations attributed to that vehicle. Parking tickets shall be brought to the College’s Business Office within 48 hours. Tickets shall be cleared promptly to preclude delays in registration and processing of transcripts, graduation requests, etc.

Business Office Cashier Hours, Hartline Building: Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Parking violators may appeal to the Student Leadership Council within ten days of the issuance of the ticket by obtaining an appeal form in the Business Office and submitting it within ten working days from the date of the violation. The Student Leadership Council will notify students in writing whether the appeal has been granted or denied. The decision is final, with no appeal.