Motor-Vehicle Registration and Operation

Students who operate motor vehicles on the campus must register each vehicle with the Campus Police Office to receive a parking decal. Students without parking decals are subject to ticketing, having a "boot" (disabling device) placed on the vehicle, and towing at the owners’/operators’ expense. Towing charges are subject to the appropriate towing company’s fees. Students and their guests who drive vehicles must obey all parking and traffic regulations. In cases where students violate parking and traffic regulations, Campus Police officers will issue appropriate tickets. Repeated violations of parking regulations may result in a student losing their parking privileges on campus.

The new policy concerning parking, unpaid tickets and penalties is as follows:

When a vehicle receives three (3) unpaid tickets for any violation, the vehicle will be booted. The student will have 48 hours to pay the tickets, not to include Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

The driver of the vehicle must provide a valid driver’s license, with the students name and address, a valid student I.D. at this point the boot will be removed.

Proof must be provided to the Campus Police Department that the tickets have been paid.

If the tickets remain unpaid, the student's parking privileges will be suspended and the student will not be allowed to drive or park any vehicle on campus.

The student will be advised of this suspension.

If the situation has not been resolved at this point, and if the student drives any vehicle on campus, then that vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense.

When the tickets have been paid and the vehicle has a valid decal, the suspension will be removed and the vehicle may return to campus.