Campus Safety Tips

  1. Park your vehicle in a lighted parking area designated for students. Always lock your vehicle. Never leave valuables visible; instead, secure such items in the vehicle’s trunk. If you are planning to be away from your vehicle for an extended period, never transfer valuables to the trunk in the presence of others. Always remember to remove the keys from the ignition.
  2. Keep your personal possessions with you at all times while on campus.
  3. Never leave personal property unattended. Take your possessions with you when moving about in the Library, classrooms, or offices.
  4. Properly lock and secure your bicycle to a bike rack, utilizing a strong chain and lock.
  5. Stay together while walking to and from classes at night.
  6. Have the keys to your car ready in hand so that your car can be opened immediately.
  7. Immediately report any crime, suspected crime, or suspicious circumstances or persons to the Campus Police, day or night.
  8. If you feel insecure, contact the College Police Department for an escort.