Grading System

At the close of each semester and upon students’ completion of a course, instructors will report a grade that documents the level of mastery of course competencies. Please refer to special grading system for all Learning Support courses.

The grading code is as follows:

90-100 A - Excellent 4 Points
80-89 B - Good 3 Points
70-79 C - Average 2 Points
60-69 D - Below Average 1 Point
0-59 F - Failure 0 Points
WF - Withdrawn Failing 0 Points
W - Withdrawn Not Computed
WP - Withdrawn Passing Not Computed
I - Incomplete Not Computed
AU - Audit Not Computed
EX - Exemption by Exam Not Computed
TR - Transfer Credit Not Computed
AR - Articulated Not Computed