The Columbus Technical College Catalog and Student Handbook  provides information about the College’s degree, diploma, and technical certificates of credit programs, course offerings, policies, services, faculty, facilities and additional information. Statements set forth in this catalog and student handbook are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as the basis of a contract between a student and this institution.

While the provisions of this document will ordinarily be applied as stated, Columbus Technical College reserves the right to change any provisions listed without actual notice to individual students. This includes, but is not limited to, entrance requirements and admissions procedures, courses and programs of study, academic requirements for graduation, fees and charges, financial aid, rules and regulations, and the College’s calendar.

Policy statements and program requirements in this catalog and student handbook are subject to change and superseded by agency policies and standards. Except when they change their programs of study, students may follow the requirements of the Catalog and Student Handbook  under which they enter the College as long as they remain enrolled as a student in good standing. If students drop out of college before completing their program of study, they must change to the current catalog and student handbook and/or program of study in operation at the time of readmission to the College. The Vice President of Academic Affairs or his or her designee must approve exceptions. If students change programs of study, they must change to the catalog and student handbook and/or program of study requirements that are current at the time of the program change. Additional information may be available on the individual websites of departments and programs.

Students must be aware of their responsibility to keep informed of all changes, including academic requirements for graduation.

The policy of the college is that the electronic version of the catalog and its addendum is the most current version and takes precedence over printed versions.